Studienkolleg Mettingen


Type: Public Minimum German requirement: B2
Courses offered: T-Course, W-Course, M-Course, G-CourseTuition Fee: Free
Intake: Winter Semester (T, W, M) & Summer Semester (T, M, G)Admission difficulty: Medium
Location: Mettingen, North Rhine-WestphaliaEntrance exam: Yes
City size: SmallInternal FSP: Yes

No Tuition FeeSelective admission process
Passing the final test (FSP) opens the doors to both universities and universities of applied sciences across all GermanyApplication requires B2 German certificate and A2 English certificate for W-Course
Application is possible twice a year for T-Course and M-Course Application is possible only once a year for W-Course and G-Course
Students from Latin America have priority Spots in this Studienkolleg are mainly reserved for students from Latin America

SemesterApplication deadlineEntrance exam datesSemester start date
WinterLate Maymid-Junemid-August
Summermid-NovemberEarly DecemberEarly February

Course type

Entrance exam subjects
T-Course (T-Kurs)German, Mathematics
W-Course (W-Kurs)German, English
M-Course (M-Kurs)German
G-Course (G-Kurs)German

Application guide

About Mettingen

Mettingen is a small town in northwestern Germany, in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The closest international airports to Mettingen are Dortmund Airport (DTM), located approximately 100 km southeast of Mettingen, and Münster Osnabrück International Airport (FMO), located approximately 15 km southeast of Osnabrück. Both airports offer direct flights to a number of European locations, although neither offers as many international connections as larger airports such as Frankfurt or Berlin.

Monthly living costs: 600 – 750 €. That includes the cost of accommodation (250 – 500€), Food and groceries (150 – 250€), transportation (60 – 80€), and health insurance (100 – 120€).

The population of Mettingen in 2021 is estimated to be around 12,000 people. Despite its small size and population, Mettingen offers students a wide variety of academic, cultural, and recreational opportunities. The town’s proximity to the Teutoburg Forest and the River Ems provides opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.

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