Studienkolleg Mittelhessen Marburg


Type: Public Minimum German requirement: B2
Courses offered: T-Course, W-Course, M-Course, G-CourseTuition Fee: Free
Intake: Winter Semester & Summer SemesterAdmission difficulty: Medium
Location: Marburg, HesseEntrance exam: Yes
City size: MediumInternal FSP: Yes

No Tuition FeeSelective admission process
Passing the final test (FSP) opens the doors to both universities and universities of applied sciences across all GermanyRelatively high competition
Application is possible twice a year
Entrance exam only contains German test

SemesterApplication deadlineEntrance exam datesSemester start date
Wintermid-AprilLate JuneEarly September
Summermid-OctoberLate JanuaryEarly March

Course type

Entrance exam subjects
T-Course (T-Kurs)German
W-Course (W-Kurs)German
M-Course (M-Kurs)German
G-Course (G-Kurs)German

Application guide

About Marburg

The city of Marburg is located in the state of Hesse in central Germany. Approximately 120 km south of Marburg is Frankfurt Airport, one of the busiest airports in Europe with direct flights to many locations around the world.

Monthly living costs: 600 – 800 €. That includes the cost of accommodation (350 – 500€), Food and groceries (180 – 280€), transportation (70 – 90€), and health insurance (100 – 120€). Compared to other German cities, Marburg is a relatively affordable place for students to live. The cost of living in Marburg is higher than in smaller cities, but still lower than in large cities like Berlin or Munich.

Marburg has a population of approximately 78,000. The Philipps University of Marburg, one of the oldest and most prominent institutions in Germany, is located in the city. It is home to approximately 26,000 students, who make up a significant portion of the city’s total population. Marburg strikes a wonderful balance between a top-notch educational environment and a fun student life.

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8 responses to “Studienkolleg Mittelhessen Marburg”

  1. Malika Avatar

    Is SAT score consider for application process to study in Studienkolleg?

    1. StuWoLi2020 Avatar

      As far as we are informed, SAT is an American standardised test and has nothing to do with higher education or Studienkolleg in Germany.

  2. Eileen Avatar

    Thanks for video!
    If I finish Studienkolleg in Marburg, then can I study in Hochschule in Düsseldorf?

    1. StuWoLi Avatar

      Yes, the FSP of Studienkolleg Marburg is recognized by all German universities and Universities of applied Sciences (Hochschule).

  3. Namuna thapa Avatar
    Namuna thapa

    Hi!my b2 exam is in october 14th and 15th and i get my results in 4-6 weeks.Can i still apply with b1 certificate and later provide my b2 certificate for mkurs studienkolleg?

    1. StuWoLi Avatar

      Yes, thats possible through THM

  4. Abdul Moiz Avatar
    Abdul Moiz

    Does this Studienkolleg Mittelhessen provide online Aufnahmeprüfung, and how many other Studienkollegs provide this facility also?

    1. StuWoLi Avatar

      Hi Abdul,
      Majority do not offer an online test. That is because the program starts soon after the test. So if you are not already in Germany it is highly unlikely that you make it until the start of the program. Some Studienkollegs in rare cases offer remote Aufnahmeprüfung. Please inquire at Studienkollegs directly.

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