Vocational or training visa is a kind of residency permit that is granted to applicants who have some technical qualifications but for working in Germany require to correspond their qualification with German standards. Vocational visa is granted if you require to attend a training course, an occupational training program or if only a qualification test is needed.

What is Vocational Training?


Part of the jobs in Germany require special regulated qualification. In case the qualification you have gained in your home country would not correspond to these requirements in Germany, you need to attend some courses and training in order to be eligible to work in that profession in Germany. 


The training course can take long for 2 years. During the term of training, you can work to the limit of 10 working hours per week. After gaining the qualification certificate you can be employed in the field of your expertise and change your residency type to employment residency. Upon termination of the training course, you will be granted a visa for 12 months to look for a job opportunity that meet your qualification. During this term you can take any occupation for financing your leaving in Germany until you find the job matching your qualification. 

Finding Training

To find the right course that correspond with your qualification you can check the KURSNET which is an official website created by Federal Employment Agency to help finding offers that correspond with different qualifications. 

Who is eligible?


Applicants of EU/EEA (including Switzerland) and citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America shall not be subject to entry visa requirement to come to Germany, however within 3 months as of the date of arrival in Germany should refer to the local immigration office in order to make an application for staying with the purpose of getting vocational training. This request should be made during or before laps of three months as of the date of arrival in Germany. 

Other citizens that are considered as third country citizens should apply for the entrance visa before the local German Embassy or Consulate under the title of vocational training in Germany. Upon entering to Germany, application to getting the residency permit under the named title should be made before the local immigration office in the city of your location in Germany. 

Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualification

This shows that your qualification is partly recognised or is not recognised and you need to attend in a vocational training in order to balance your qualification with the German standards. 

What are requirements?

1.Vocational Training Place

You have to get a vocational training place with German company or institution that provide relative training.  

2.Qualification Records

Presenting your educational and qualification certificates and trainings you have already gained. 

3.Federal Employment Agency

Approval of the Federal Employment Agency (or agreement of ZAV) is needed. Since vocational training is considered as a kind of employment, getting approval of the Federal Employment Agency would be needed so as there are no German or EU-member state candidate for the respective position. Candidates holding a school leaving certificate from a German school abroad are exempted from this requirement. Your employment conditions should not be different than a German employment agreement. 

4.German language knowledge

Proof of German language knowledge is needed. In order to work and to attend in the training courses, you need to know German language. The required level for German language for vocational training is normally B2, however getting acceptance by lower German knowledge is possible when improving the language skill is also part of the vocational training.    

5.Other Common Documents

valid passport

application form

CV and Motivation Letter

Biometric Photo

6.Financial Maintenance

Proof of your finance for the monthly payment of minimum Euro 853 or the amount of Euro 10,230 for one year that should be deposited in a blocked account, formal letter of obligation that is provided by a German resident.   

7.Health Insurance

You should provide an insurance that cover term of your stay in Germany. It can be an insurance in your home land that also provide coverage for Germany however upon arrival in Germany you should apply to get a German insurance that can be a private or public insurance depending on the type of your employment agreement.   


Proof of accommodation for your stay that can be hotel reservation, invitation by a friend or family or rental agreement. Upon your arrival in Germany you should get registered in the place of your residency based on the rental agreement or approval letter of the landlord. 


It is recommended that needed documents would also be checked with the local consulate of Germany at your country. Furthermore, you should prepare yourself for an interview at the German Consulate upon your visa application. It may be very time consuming to get an appointment from local Consulate or until the application is processed. Therefore you need to plan in advance and check for the appointment and processing timing with the local Consulate.