Study Preparation visa is granted to applicants who want to study in German university or College study (stuedienkolleg). A residence permit for the purpose of study preparation can be granted for maximum of two years. A tourist visa or a language study visa cannot be converted into residency permit for study preparation. However a language course visa for university study purposes can later be converted into a residency permit for study after official admission by university. 

Who is eligible?

Study Purpose

This permit is granted for the following conditions:

Intensive German language course, minimum of 18 working hours per week. This permit is not granted to learn other foreign languages (such as English) even if the university course is in a foreign language.

 College study (stuedienkolleg) – You can attend in this course to get prepared for the university qualification exam (feststellungspruefung)

Preparatory courses


Nationals of European Union (EU) member countries, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and also citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America do not require to apply for an entry visa to come to Germany for the purpose of preparation study. Applicants coming from these countries should refer to the local immigration office in Germany in the city of location and apply for a residency permit for the purpose of study preparation. 

Other citizens that are considered as third country citizens should apply for the entrance visa before the local German Embassy or Consulate under the title of study preparation visa. Upon entering to Germany, application to getting the residency permit under the named title should be made before the local immigration office in the city of your location in Germany.  

What are requirements?

1.Enrolment/Contract with the Language School

Providing a confirmation regarding registration or enrolment in a language school with minimum of 18 learning hours per week if the purpose of visa is learning language for entering university or higher educational institution.  

2.Proof of Financial Means

Bank account of the applicant containing adequate financial resources, proof of your finance for the minimum monthly amount verified by the Consulate deposited in a blocked account, formal letter of obligation that is provided by a German resident, proof of payment by parents for their child, proof of scholarship.

3.Health Insurance

You should provide an insurance coverage for the term of your stay in Germany. It can be an insurance in your home land that also provide coverage for Germany. Upon arrival in Germany you can change your insurance to a private or public insurance depending on the type of job and employment agreement you will have.  


Proof of accommodation for your stay that can be hotel reservation, invitation by a friend or family or rental agreement. Upon your arrival in Germany you should get registered in the place of your residency based on the rental agreement or approval letter of the landlord.  

5.Other Common Documents

Valid Passport

Filled in Application Form

Certificate on acceptance from a college

CV and motivation letter

Biometric photo


It is recommended that needed documents be checked with the local consulate of Germany at your country. Furthermore, you should prepare yourself for an interview at the German Consulate upon your visa application. It may be very time consuming to get an appointment from local Consulate or until the application is processed. Therefore you need to plan in advance and check for the appointment and processing timing with the local Consulate.