Research has a fundamental value in the economy of Germany and companies grant considerable investment and attention to Research and Development (R&D). Research can be done directly in the German universities or institutions or may be conducted internally by the companies and for relevant field of industry. 

Why Germany?

Governmental Fund

The Excellence Initiative (Exzellenzeinitiative) run by the federal government and Länder, support top-level research in German universities. This will make Germany a more attractive location for research activity. Along with universities, the institutes funded by the government play also a major role in leading research in Germany. Some of these institutions include Frauenhofer-Gesellschaft, Max-Planck Society, Helmholtz Association and the Leibniz Association. The research bodies conduct the research in multitude of different domains including the environment and energy sector, biomedicine and humanities and public, political and industrial sectors.

Research Position

Research positions can be granted through a funding institution or through working as researcher in a German university or company (such as Doctoral studies). Doctoral programs, research training groups and graduate schools provide possibilities for a scientific career. More information on research possibilities and doctoral positions can be found in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or in Research in Germany. For research careers an employment agreement should be concluded and grant of the residency title shall depend on the contractual terms and payment. You are also allowed to stay and work in Germany as a postgraduate candidate after doctoral studies. 

What are possibilities?

Residence Permit

As a researcher which is considered as highly qualified person, you can request for residence and work permit without consent of the German Federal Employment Agency. For gaining the work and residence permit as a researcher you should prove a sound employment agreement (as researcher or postdoc graduate and etc.) with no requirement for minimum income and provide a secured livelihood.  

Junior Professor

Doctorate graduate of German university can also work as university professor. For this purpose your qualification shall be evaluated by taking into account your academic records, published articles and professional experience “Berufungsfaehigkeit”. In case of success, you will be employed as junior professor being able to manage research group and industry. 

Blue Card

Involvement of the researcher in the economic activity of Germany can also be framed up for a Blue Card. Requirements for allocation of Blue Card to high qualified employees is determined in Blue Card section in this website.  

Independent Researcher

If you would like to continue your stay in Germany as an independent researcher, you should look for other residency titles such as freelancer, self-employed or through registering a company.