If you want to find a job in Germany, you have to put considerable time and efforts to look for opportunities that meets your qualification and is also to your interest. You can look for the jobs through various tools such as online searching, personal contact, headhunting agencies, job fairs and social networks. 

How can I look for job opportunities?

Online Searching

Online searching is very popular to find jobs and open vacancies. To apply through online portals, you may be required to register yourself in advance. Some applications can be sent directly to email of the recruiting company while the others should be filled in the portal of the company.

Hereunder is the reference to some online job searching portals:

stepstone.com , indeed.com , monster.com, meinestadt.de , glassdoor.com, gigajob.com , taledo.com , angellist.com , berlinstartupjobs.com, germanystartupjobs.com

Hereunder is the portal for job training positions (vocational training): azubiyo.de

There is also this possibility for you to make your platform and create your profile where companies can visit and contact you in case of interest:  talerio.com , 4scotty.com 

Personal Network

Personal network and connection is one of the other schemes through which employers can find their staff. For this purpose you should be interactive in making contacts with people in real world. If you are studying, you can use your contacts at the university, participate in seminar and events that are related to your field of profession and study and meet people who are representing companies. Some portals that you can use your personal network and also you can actively look for jobs is Linkedin. 

If you are using Linkedin, be sure that your profile is updated. You can share  articles and commentaries in your profile. After a meeting or seminar try to get connected to people with whom you have spoken or met. 

Xing.com is a popular platform and network that operates like Linkedin and is mainly used in German speaking countries in Europe. Many of German professionals also use only “xing”, therefore you can consider to make your profile there as well.

Headhunting Agency

Headhunters are also very active in German labour market. Depending on your expertise and profession a specific headhunting company may be interested in your profile and resume. The headhunters act as the connecting point between employers and professionals who seek specific qualified job. You can make application by different headhunters and depending on the query of employers, you will be contacted. 

Job Fairs

Job fairs and exhibitions are another possibility for you to meet recruiters and employers in your profession. Job fairs are normally organised by universities or as one of the annual exhibitions held by the government and municipality.