Regulated professions are those professions that require an academic study or vocational training for their performance. Therefore, for performance of these job categories in Germany, the qualification should be assessed and compared with the equal qualification in Germany. 

What are examples of regulated jobs?

List of Regulated Jobs

Examples of regulated jobs are professions such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses and teaching at schools. A list of regulated jobs can be found in Recognition in Germany and also EU website.

Certificate from/outside of Germany

Academic and vocational degree and certificates that have been gained outside of Germany, should be recognised under the Anerkennung system in Germany.

If you are wishing to come to Germany from a non EU member state, it is advised to get your qualification assessed before you apply for the working visa. 

If you have received your qualification through academic study or vocational training in Germany, you are automatically allowed to work in that profession in Germany.