If you have a school or vocational degree outside of Germany, you can make it recognised under German system. By having a recognised certificate in hand, you will have better chances to find a job in Germany. It does not matter which nationality you have or what kind of residency you hold, recognition of the certificate shall proceed independently. 

Regulated Jobs

Not all professions require recognition however specific jobs such as doctors, lawyers, nurses and engineers require recognition if you want to work in this sector. These types of jobs are called “regulated jobs/Reglementierte Berufe”. This is applicable also to some vocational jobs and “licensed-trade/zulassungspflichtigten Handwerk”. In this part of the Federal Agency for Employment website you can check if your qualification requires recognition or not.  

Authority in Charge

In order to make your certificate recognised, you first need to know which authority or organisation is in charge of your certificate recognition. Accordingly you can make your application. The easiest way to find out where you should apply to, is to refer to “Recognition Finder”. Here you can receive more information on the procedure, required time and needed documents. The hotline in the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees is also reachable for general initial consultation. The consultation is provided in English and also in German.


Upon finding your local contact centre, check out which documents and forms you need to prepare and filled in. Some documents should be translated in advance. Your local contact centre will compare your professional qualification with a German reference profession. 

Recognition Process

Upon conduct of the processing, you will receive a notification from your local contact centre with information on the result of the analysis and if your qualification is equivalent to the German profession or not. If no equivalent is found for your profession or if your profession is a regulated job, the centre will inform you on the concrete measures you need to take to compensate for the difference.  

The recognition process usually takes around 3 months. For more complicated cases, it may take longer. You should also pay relevant fee for this process.