Permanent Residency is granted to non-EU nationals who have legally lived in Germany for certain years and prove to be financially independent based on the job or business they have in Germany.  

Who is eligible?

Skilled Workers

If you have lived for 5 consecutive years in Germany and at the time of your application for permanent residency you have a work that covers your livelihood and make you independent of social assistance, you could be eligible to apply for the permanent residency. 

Blue Card Holders

In case you are a Blue Card holder and have got also B1 German certificate, you can apply for the permanent residency after 21 months of living in Germany. Otherwise, as a blue card holder you can apply for permanent residency after 33 months of living in Germany.


If you are self employed and have successfully worked with your business in Germany, you can apply for the permanent residency after 3 years. One of the major elements on grant of permanent residency to you and your family shall be turnover and operation of your business in Germany that will be evaluated by the Chamber of Commerce.  

University Graduates

If you have studied in Germany and are graduate of a German university and afterwards have lived in Germany with a residency permit (for example employment), depending on your job and employment contract, you can apply for the permanent residency after 24 months.

What are the Requirements?

1. Financial Stability

You should prove that you can support your livelihood by personal finances such as by your income through employment, running business or self-employment and you do not need to get public fund or social support. 

2. Pension Insurance

Your contribution to the statutory pension insurance for at least 60 months should be proved. As an employee normally pension insurance is considered and covered in your salary, however as freelancer, self-employed or business holder, you have to pay for that insurance yourself. Payment of pension for business holders over the age of 45 is obligatory. Proof of enough funds such as ownership of real estate or cash in the bank account can be considered as an alternative for pension insurance in special cases. 

3. Work Permit

Legally you should have the right of work in Germany and if you are freelancer or self employed you should have relevant permit for that.

4. Living Space

Proof on sufficient space for your living should be provided. This can be verified by your house rental agreement or ownership title of deed. If you are living with your family, adequate space for your family should be provided.

5. German Knowledge

Sufficient command of German knowledge and basic knowledge on the legal and social system. Having B1 German certificate is a proof on your German knowledge. Integration certificate also is considered as a proof of your understanding of legal system, general rules and history of Germany.