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Get your Blocked Account and Health Insurance for German visa application fast and easy, fully online and at a minimal cost

Value Package: Blocked Account, Public or Private Health Insurance, Free Incoming Insurance up to 92 days, Free Current Account for 1 year (with globally usable Mastercard, supporting Google and Apple Pay), ISIC Card

Value Package fee: You pay only the Blocked Account monthly fee (€5) and set up fee (€49) as well as Health Insurance fees, which mostly depend on your profile. The rest of the services are free.

Needed Documents: Passport, Reason for Travelling

Blocked Account Fee: € 49 set up fee + € 5 per month

Health Insurance Fee: Depending on your profile starting from € 100 per month

Travel insurance Fee: € 33 per month

Current Account Fee: € 4,90 per month

ISIC Card: € 15 set up fee

Insurance Partners: Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Dr-Walter, Element, ONE

Bank and Monetary Partners: Crédit Mutuel, Mangopay, Cohort Go, Monese

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Q What are the benefits of value package?

Firstly, the Value Package allows you to order everything within only one application. The information you provide once is automatically transferred to all the products that you get. Secondly, by ordering the Value Package you save a lot of money as half of the products come for free. Finally, each of the products included bears' own unique benefits.

Q How Expatrio shall assist with opening a current bank account in Germany?

Expatrio - together with the digital bank Monese - prepared a special offer for you. If you are applying for a Blocked Account, Value Package or Health Insurance Plus with Expatrio, you get a free Current Account from Monese which you can use to receive monthly disbursements from your Blocked Account or for paying your health insurance premiums.

Q How do I transfer money? Can I send it in my home currency?

You can transfer money directly from your bank, or use any other exchange service active in your home country to deposit money into the Blocked Account. We recommend using the Expatrio Payments solution available in your User Portal.
If you transfer the money directly into your Blocked Account, the money you transferred must arrive in the Blocked Account in EURO since the account is held in Germany. Please consult with your bank to make sure the transaction is made in EURO. The amount you transferred with your home country currency must equal the amount in EURO when exchanged.
Important: Please consider the exchange rate and transfer/exchange fees when finalizing the amount of the fund you want to transfer!

Q My relative or friend is sending the money on my behalf to Expatrio. Is that a problem?

That is not a problem at all.
Thanks to the individual IBAN, additional verification of the transferring person by handing in additional documents is not necessary. However, in some cases, we might request additional documents.

Q Can I send more than the blocked amount to Expatrio?

You should not transfer more money than required. The Total Blocked Amount already includes €100 buffer, all fees, and the Additional Basic Sum if needed. If you are requested to deposit more than €853 each month by a visa authority, we need an official document from them stating the request.

Q I am not a student. Can I open a Blocked Account with Expatrio anyway?

Yes, in case you are not going to study at a university in Germany, you can still open a Blocked Account with Expatrio. The Blocked Account can be opened for the following groups of people:

Language students
PhD students
"Work and Travel" program participants
Job seekers

Q What documents do I need to open/activate/close a Blocked Account with Expatrio?


German visa document or residence permit that does not expire within a month
EU entry stamp from your passport
Proof of address (rental contract, Anmeldung, etc.)
The German bank account confirmation that includes your full name and IBAN/BIC (if you have not set up your Monese account with Expatrio)

"Sperrfreigabe" from German Authorities stating that we are allowed to unblock and return the funds OR visa rejection letter
Bank account confirmation (of initial account you were transferring money from OR your German bank account)