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Fair, quick and easy way to open your Blocked Account online and using advantages of public health insurance in Coracle Prime

Coracle Prime: Blocked Account, Free Travel Insurance and Public Health Insurance in One Package

Prime Fee: € 59 for Blocked Account + Health Insurance Fee (only for students at bachelor or master degrees)

Blocked Account Fee: € 99 up to 1 year / No monthly fee

Extension Fee: € 60 annually

Needed Documents for Account Opening: Passport, 2nd Photo ID, Admission Letter

Public Health Insurance: For full time students under 30 / € 104 – € 106 per month

Private Health Insurance: For full time students over 30 / € 104 – € 109 per month

Health Insurance Partners: Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer Krankenkasse, IKK Gesund Plus Krankenkasse

Customer Support Languages: English, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, French, Portuguese


Q What documents Coracle need for activation of the account?

Immigration stamp, current account for receiving monthly funds

Q What documents Coracle need for account closing?

Official certificate from the embassy or consulate confirming the release of the account

Q What is the account opening process?

Opening Coracle account is Online (having a pdf or jpeg of your passport and national ID already at hand, it takes less than 5 minutes to apply)

Q What are Coracle health insurance options?

Coracle is the only service provider that offers a choice of three national public health insurances and giving students the option to write to Coracle, if you prefer a regional or different national public health insurance

Q When transfer of money is confirmed by Coracle?

Automatically as soon as the funds have been received, usually 3-5 business days, in rare cases longer

Q Should the exact amount be transferred?

No, Coracle will pay out the exceeding funds with the first monthly disbursement

Q Is transfer by third party possible?

Yes, but the third party needs to be verified additionally by Coracle

Q How long is the processing time for first payout upon arrival?

A few days, in some cases maximum up to 7 days

Q How is money withdrawal?

Direct transfers by Coracle to student's current account after successful verification