The German Language Course Visa is a type of educational visa that is issued for applicants who want to conduct an intensive language course in Germany lasting 3-12 months. The courses expect to contain 18 hours of learning sessions per week. The German Language Visa can be granted for maximum of 1 year if it is not followed by a full time study. Night course and weekend courses do not meet requirements for German Language Course Visa. 

Who is eligible?

Learning German Language

German Learning Visa is granted to you if you want to get back home after spending a time learning German language in Germany. If you wish to attend in some German courses as a precondition for your study at a German university, you should not apply for German Learning Visa, and should apply for a Study Preparation Visa that can be followed by student visa when you start your study at university. 

Language Course Visa

By the German Language Course Visa, you can not convert your residency to work or student residency types. For applying for student visa or work visa, you should return back home and make the application directly before the local consulate for that specific title.  

Term of Course

If you are attending a German course for less than three months, you can apply for a short term visa referring to the reason of your travel to Germany but you will not be subject to this type of vis that actually will lead into a German Study Residence Permit upon your arrival in Germany. 


Nationals of European Union (EU) member countries, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and also citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America do not require to apply for an entry visa to come to Germany for the purpose of learning language. In case you are from one of the named citizens and wish to spend more than 3 months for learning German language, you should refer to the local immigration office in Germany in the city of your location and apply for a residency permit for the purpose of learning German language. 

Other citizens that are considered as third country citizens should apply for the entrance visa before the local German Embassy or Consulate under the title of German Language Course Visa. Upon entering to Germany, application to getting the residency permit under the named title should be made before the local immigration office in the city of your location in Germany.  

What are advantages?


By German Language Course Visa, you can travel throughout the whole territory of Schengen area however under no circumstances you can work with this visa title. (If you have gained student visa further to admission to a German university and you are attending the language course as a precondition for the university, you can work as student during your attendance at the German language course).   

Familiarity with Germany

Although you do not have the right of work or study at university under this visa title, however this will give you a chance to attend in person in Germany and become familiar with the German language, culture, life style, weather and even to make new friends.

It can be a real introduction to Germany if you wish to follow your long terms plans for studying and living in Germany.

What are requirements?


Enrolment or Contract with the Language School that is a confirmation regarding registration or your enrolment in a language school with minimum of 18 course hours per week.  

2.Proof of Financial Maintenance

Proof of your finance for the monthly amount of Euro 853 through a blocked account is the most common and convenient way to demonstrate coverage of your expenses for the time of your stay in Germany. If opening the blocked account would not be possible, coverage of cost can be proven by a formal letter of obligation issued by a German resident, or guarantee or statement of parents , salary slips if you are employed in your home land or if your employer will cover your charges. If you are free-lancer or self-employed you can provide documents on your sufficient financial revenue or funds.

3.Health Insurance

You should provide an insurance coverage for the term of your stay in Germany. It can be an insurance in your home land that also provide coverage for Germany, otherwise you can travel with a travel health insurance and in Germany apply for an appropriate insurance. Upon arrival in Germany you can change your insurance to a private or public German insurance. The type of insurance that you can get in Germany depends on the type of your residency permit and if you are employed. In your case for language study visa, private insurance is provided in Germany.  


Proof of accommodation for your stay that can be hotel reservation (for short time stay only as you cannot register yourself in a hotel address), invitation by a friend or family or rental agreement. Upon your arrival in Germany you should get yourself registered in the place of your residency based on the rental agreement or approval letter of the landlord.  

5.Letter of Leave

If you are employed, you can submit to the local Consulate a letter of leave from employer for term of your attendance at the German Language School.

If your trip and stay in Germany is considered as part of your employment, the same can be informed by your employer in a letter.

6.Letter of Motivation

This letter should be prepared by yourself referring the grounds and purposes of learning German language. A strong letter of motivation can be important for gaining the visa.


It is recommended that needed documents be checked with the local consulate of Germany at your country. Furthermore, you should prepare yourself for an interview at the German Consulate upon your visa application. It may be very time consuming to get an appointment from local Consulate or until the application is processed. Therefore you need to plan in advance and check for the appointment and processing timing with the local Consulate beforehand.