If you are planning to come to Germany for study, work or living and joining your family, knowing German is one of the preliminary elements you have to think about. You can learn German in local language schools in Germany or take some courses in your home land before coming to Germany. 

What are German learning possibilities?

German Language Schools

Learning German in language schools that are located in Germany is one of the most convenient ways to learn the local language. The language schools in Germany provide support for different study levels with high quality, although it can be time consuming and maybe more expensive in comparison with studying the language in your home land. There are also some courses that are offered by governmental institutions that provide services with cheaper price. Your university or employer may also offer you German courses. There are also online courses that can be found free of charge. 

In order to choose the right language school you need to first understand for which purpose you want to learn the language and under which speed you need to elevate. Learning German is the main part of your current plan in life or you are developing that along with your other plans. 

German Language Levels

Learning German language is divided in 6 levels


A2 (A2.1,A2.2)

B1 (B1.1,B1.2)




A1: Is the first German level that makes you familiar with the new language. Getting a certificate for this level is required to join your spouse in Germany.

B1: This certificate not only makes your integration in the society easier but can accelerate the process to get your permanent residency and is considered as the first acceptable language certificate for your life and work in Germany. 

B2: This level is required for you to work in German language. In order to participate in training and vocational programs (Ausbildung) you normally require to have B2 German certificate. Having this certificate is also of great importance if you think about citizenship for your future life in Germany. 

C1 and C2: These levels are considered as high German proficiency and are required if you want to study at a German university while the courses are taught in German.