Job Seeker Visa (JSV) is German National Long Stay Visa that was created in August 2012 by German government in order to grant a real assessment opportunity to interested parties to come to Germany and experience living conditions, weather, people, public facilities, general environment and at the same time look for job possibilities. 

Who is eligible?


Nationals of the European Union (EU) member countries, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are not considered as third country nationals and do not require to apply for a JSV to come to Germany to seek for a job. 

Citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America do not require to apply for a JSV in advance to come to Germany but after landing in Germany should apply for a temporary residence permit directly at the Immigration Office.  

Nationals of other countries that are considered as third countries should primarily apply the JSV in order to enter Germany and accordingly look for local possibilities at the ground.  

Academic and Professional Skills

Having Bachelor, Master or PHD degree from German university or an equivalent foreign degree.  To check your University/Study Certificate recognition status refer to  anabin. If not listed in anabin refer to ZAB

Have relevant work experience in your field of study and expertise.

Language Skills

Approvals on German skills through submitting official language certificate such as TELC, Goethe and TestDaf (normally used for university studies).  

Approvals on English skills through submitting official language certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Other languages that depending on the professional expertise and targeted market would be interesting for the employers.

What are advantages?

German Market

Germany has one of the strongest economies in the Europe and its market is open to skilled and professional young aspirants. The secured and stable working and living conditions in the country has made it as one of the attractive targets for young people to look for future stability in this country. 

Staying in Germany

Germany JSV is not a work permit or work visa but allows the applicants to stay up to 6 months in Germany to look for job opportunities, meet the employers and attend job interviews. Although the labor gaps in Germany are mainly notified in IT, health specialists, engineering and manufacturing sectors but JSV is not granted only to applicants coming with academic and professional background from named sectors and welcome those applications that meet the general requirements and are supported with fulfilling documents. 

No German

Speaking German is not a prerequisite to get the JSV but is an advantage that will dramatically increase your chance of success along with good skills in English language both at the level of visa application and later through the course of job applications.   

What are requirements?

1.Financial Resources

Proofs on sufficient funds for covering costs during your stay in Germany is needed. This can be proved through following:

Blocked account that allows withdrawal of limited amounts per month for the account holder (minimum of Euro 720 Per month). This coverage should be made for the term of JSV (normally 6 months). Upon finding a job, the above requirement is not enforceable and application for change of type of visa based on the amount of salary should be made.

Depending on your nationality you can open the blocked bank account directly in German banks, in your local bank accepted by the German Embassy or in some online banks offering blocked account such as Fintiba. 

Proof of sufficient income and assets of parents to cover the costs during the stay in Germany as well as letters issued by parents that they will pay the maintenance.  
Bank Guarantee or Statement is also accepted.

Guarantee of a Person or sponsor who has legal residency in Germany (Verpflichtungserklärungen) 


Proof of health insurance with the coverage for Germany is needed. 

Travel insurance for Germany that cover term of your staying can also be accepted. However upon your arrival in Germany you are required to get German insurance.


Rental contract for a flat or shared room in Germany is proof of your accommodation in Germany.  

Invitation letter by a Person who is legally living in Germany and has provided documents on accommodation possibility for your staying in Germany is considered.

Hotel or other similar accommodation reservation that normally is accepted for short period of stay. You cannot register yourself in a hotel address, therefore you re expected for find a place for stay afterwards.   

4.Motivation Letter

In the motivation letter you can describe your motivation for working and moving to Germany, your targeted market and interested German companies, its relevance with your expertise, academic studies and professional skills. You can also refer to your language skills. If German language directly is needed for your job you should provide proof on that. If other languages such as English or third country’s languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Russian and etc. are your skills, you can also provide a proof on that.

5.Initial Job Seeking Efforts

This include applications you have made before German companies, your contact with German employers for potential job offers, scheduled interviews and similar efforts proofing your initial activity to find a job in Germany. 

6.Other Common Needed Documents

A valid passport with the validity exceeding duration of the term of staying plus few months

Filled out visa application form

Biometric passport photo

Visa application fee

7.Registration in Germany

Upon your arrival in Germany, you should refer to the local immigration office to change your visa to a residence permit for qualified workers wishing to search and find job and employment in Germany.