If you are invited to a job interview you have actually passed successfully the initial stage of your long way to your dream job. While you should be happy for this preliminary achievement but make sure not to miss this opportunity by making major or obvious mistakes.

Which points should I consider for my interview?


Prepare yourself for the interview by searching about the company on their website, news or internet. Concentrate on those parts of your CV that correspond with the job requirements for this special company. Make individual connection between your skills and profession, the offered job in the named company and what makes this company different from others offering the same position.   


Entering into the career world requires you to accept responsibilities independently. One of the initial factor is to be on time and follow the working hours that are regulated by the employer. The time that is allocated for your interview is the small example of your ability in time management and if you would be late for this first meeting, it would have a bad effect on your first image in the employer’s mind. In order to be punctual it is always better to check the address in advance, be there 15 minutes earlier. You can either inform the reception of your presence, as they normally have your name in their daily schedule, or spend your time by having a coffee in a nearby cafe. If your interview is online by Skype or through logging in special panels, check your technical instruments in advance and be sure about internet connection and workability of your computer.   

Dressing Up

Different companies depending on their size, subject of activity and profession may have different dressing up cultures. Working in bank, legal sector, business and consultancy may require more serious type of dressing such as suit and tie for men and trouser suit or business suit for women, while you can be more casual in IT and computer science based world. You can check in advance website of the Company in order to have an idea about the culture and general environment of the company. There is no exception for the online interview and appropriate dressing up applies as a role there as well. 

Few Other Points

Always carry copies of your CV and covering letter to the interview. You may bring along extra copies as well. 

Raise questions about the job description, company and salary. You should show your interest in the job and company and that is willing to get the job. 

Present your best self. The interview is the time you have to use to demonstrate your abilities and capabilities. Do not be shy and tell all your accomplishments. 

Maintain eye contact and carry a notebook and take notes during the interview.