German institutions and also companies offer internship positions for graduates and students that are going to be soon graduated. Internship position in Germany can be considered in the field of your study as part of your plans.

Who is eligible?


Applicants of EU/EEA (including Switzerland) and citizens of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America shall not be subject to entry visa requirement to come to Germany, however within 3 months as of the date of arrival in Germany should refer to the local immigration office in order to make an application for staying for an internship in Germany. This request should be made during or before laps of three months as of the date of arrival in Germany.  

Other citizens that are considered as third country citizens should apply for the entrance visa before the local German Embassy or Consulate under the title of internship in Germany. Upon entering to Germany, application to getting the residency permit under the named title should be made before the local immigration office in the city of your location in Germany.  

Internship Offer

In order to apply for an internship visa, the applicant requires to receive an internship offer or contract from a German institution, organisation or company. Internship contracts may offer a small payment to the applicant or may be offered without payment. Hence, applicants should consider that for the expenses in Germany adequate proof on maintenance should be provided. 

What are advantages?


The internship visa is issued for the term mentioned in your internship contract and maximum for 12 months. Extension of the internship visa can be considered in very exceptional cases. 

Family Visiting

If you are staying in Germany under an internship visa, your family can visit you under the title of tourist visa or visiting visa however you are not allowed to apply for a reunion family visa. 


The holder of German internship visa can travel to other Schengen states for visiting and tourism purposes but is not permitted to carrying out the internship or working under internship in other states.   

What are requirements?

1.Academic Record

Presenting your educational and academic records including language proficiency certificate. Recognition of foreign academic records should be checked at  anabin and ZAB.  

2.Federal Employment Agency

Since internship is considering  a kind of employment, getting approval of the Federal Employment Agency (or agreement of ZAV) for the purpose of internship visa would be needed. Getting this approval is normally arranged by your employer. Internships that are organised by EU such as  LEONARDO, SOKRATES or ERASMUS and internships funded by international intergovernmental organisations are exempted from approval requirement of the Federal Employment Agency. Agreement of International Placement Services (ZAV) can alternatively be accepted. 

3. Letter of University

A letter from university or institution you are studying at is required as a proof of your studying position. 


That is a form filled out by employer and description of the job is mentioned there. This form should be filled out in German.    

5.Financial Maintenance

Proof of your finance for the monthly payment of minimum Euro 853 can be made by blocked account, formal letter of obligation that is provided by a German resident, proof of sponsorship by German institution, internship pay of minimum Euro 735.   

6.Health Insurance

You should provide an insurance that cover term of your stay in Germany. It can be a travel insurance or insurance in your home land that also provide coverage for Germany. Upon arrival in Germany you can change your insurance to a private or public insurance depending on the type of job and employment agreement you will have.   

7.Other Common Documents

Valid Passport: Passports in different countries are issued with different term of validity. In order to be sure of the required validity criteria, you can contact your local Consulate. 

Filled in Application Form: The relevant form for the purpose of internship visa should be filled in.

Biometric photo