In order to apply for a job in Germany you should first prepare for yourself a good CV and Covering Letter that demonstrate perfectly your personal data, educational background, work experience, profession and skills, hobbies and personal interests.

How to draft a CV and Cover Letter?

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The CV is your personal marketing tool and the recruiters spend only few seconds to hunt the right applicant among numerous requests. The CV should be signed including date and place of signing. The CV should be drafted in the regulated standards of German recruitment system in order to stand out in the eyes of the HR department. 

Depending on the job you want to apply, you may be required to include your profile picture as well. If you would like to show off your German skills, you can prepare your CV in German. However you should be careful with every word, comma and format you consider in your CV. If you are not comfortable to have your interview in German, it is better to avoid writing your CV in German. 

The CV should not be longer than 3 pages even if you are applying for a senior position with adequate description on your skills and experience. The CV should be drafted to target the one job vacancy, although the general specification is the same but details on your expertise and skills should correspond with the job requirements. Finally, It is always helpful to ask a friend who is native in German or in English to check your CV.  

Cover Letter

Many applications today are conducted on online system with no requirement for Cover Letter, nevertheless, it is still important part of an application that complete information you have provided in your CV. The Cover Letter should include name and address of the company you are applying for, your address, greeting to the HR or recruiter. Subject of the Cover Letter refers to the job vacancy title or number and its content should be a description on how your skills listed in your CV actually match with the job requirements and how you can put in use your skills and knowledge. Close your Cover Letter in a professional manner. The Cover Letter should be dated and signed by you.     

Job Portals

Job applications can be found in different resources such as online searching (stepstone or indeed), Linkedin and personal contact.