Why the Academic Pathfinder?


Germany offers numerous study options to international students. These options are dependent on your age, study background, academic and career goals, budget, interests, and conditions for receiving a visa (for non-EU). Navigating through potential options, recognizing the restrictions, and understanding the totality of your path can be very complicated. Furthermore, making such a big decision requires a very concrete plan as you will be investing your time, financial resources, and most importantly your future in this path. Thus, it is of utmost importance to make sure what your path looks like and what will your options be, before you embark on this journey.

At StuWoLi, our mission is to simplify your path for you and help you make the best choices. We help you embark on your optimized study path in Germany, whether it is for High School, Studienkolleg, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD studies. 

How does Academic Pathfinder work?

Academic Pathfinder is made to simplify this path for you. It’s easy to use and straightforward. Let’s break the process down to its steps together:

1. You fill the Academic Pathfinder application and provide us with the information that we need for an initial evaluation

2. If you meet the general conditions, you receive your Pathfinder Eligibility Transcript (PET) which contains the results of our initial evaluation

3. In a one-on-one interview, your StuWoLi advisor will talk to you and ask a few questions to make sure you know what your path looks like, and ask you to provide a copy of your documents

4. You submit the requested documents

5. We make sure your documents and the provided information are sufficient and submit them to relevant institutes based on your status and request

6. In cooperation with the selected study institutes, we provide you with a roadmap which contains the detailed steps for you

7. You receive your roadmap and go through it with your advisor and make sure it fits your needs and conditions

8. You enroll in your program and start your journey 


Academic Pathfinder

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do I have to pay for StuWoLi’s Services?

No, the Services provided to you by StuWoLi are free-of-charge

  • Does StuWoLi help me receive an admission?

Yes, but indirectly. If you fulfill the requirements we connect you to the University Pathway Programs in Germany which in return can help you with receiving admission from your desired universities. When you decide to enroll in a university pathway program, you will need to pay its costs to the institute which provides you with the pathway program.

  • Do I have to pay for the University Pathway Program?

Yes, university pathway programs usually start with obtaining a conditional letter of admission for you, assisting you with receiving your visa (only for Non-EU applicants), preparing you through intensive german courses in Germany, and finally helping you with receiving admissions to your desired study programs and universities

  • Does StuWoLi help me with getting a scholarship?

No, scholarships in Germany are rare to find. In fact, the majority of educational institutes in Germany are publicly funded. This means that if you get accepted into a public educational institute, your study costs are going to be covered by the German public system with a very small tuition fee from your side (around 250€ per semester)

  • How much money do I need?

Your financial needs can be divided into 2 parts: 

Preparation Period: During your preparation, you need to pay for your pathway program as well as for your living costs. Furthermore, if you are a Non-EU citizen, you won’t be able to work during the preparation period. For example, if you join a university pathway program for one year then you need to pay around 500€ per month for your pathway program and around 800€ per month for your living costs 

Studying at a university: Once you are fully prepared and enter a university, your costs will mainly be related to your living costs (around 800€ a month). With a student job, you can cover part or all of these costs. If you enter a private university, then you also need to cover the costs of your education. Please note that most of the universities in Germany are public institutes

  • Am I allowed to work as a student?

If you are an EU applicant, you can work as a student during the pathway program as well as during the university studies

If you are a non-EU applicant, you can work in the second year of your preparation, or once you start studying at a university in Germany

  • How much money do I earn in a student job?

This depends on the job and your level of professional experience. If you go for a typical student job with a minimum salary, you will earn around 10€ an hour. Please note that working over 20 hours a week is generally not possible as your studies will take up most of your time and as a student, you are not allowed to work more than 120 full days or 240 part-days per year

  • Is it easy to find a student job?

This depends on your capabilities, the city you live in, and your German level. But in general, it is not too hard to find a student job in Germany

  • What happens after I graduate?

After finishing your studies in Germany, you can find a job related to your field of studies. For this purpose, you can get an 18-months-long visa to look for a job